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Name:Alex Jansen | OC
Birthdate:Jul 13
Location:Providence, Rhode Island, United States of America

We two alone will sing

Alex 'AJ' Jansen is a 22 year old small-town guy who's escaped his tiny, stifling hometown by attending Brown University - studying Psychology with a minor in Theater (Theater being his true love).

He works as a museum guide, and absolutely loves his job, but doesn't see himself there forever. His big dream is to one day make it big on Broadway. For now, though, he'll be content with being the best damn guide he can be - and throwing random bits of information into every tour he gives. What can he say? He's a big fan of Jeopardy!

He loves to sing, and although he doesn't consider himself amazing by any stretch of the imagination, he did take four years of Theater classes in high school, and performed in many musicals throughout those years.

His family life was fairly normal, he loves his family - his mom, dad and two brothers, and goes back home to visit them when he can.

AJ is single, having ended a relationship with his high school girlfriend when he moved to Providence - but mostly when he found out that she'd been cheating, with his now ex-best friend. He tends to be somewhat flirty, and wants to settle down, but not anytime soon. Right now he's having fun and experimenting - isn't that what college is for?

He's just a college guy, living the college life.

((This journal is an RP journal. Aaron Johnson owns himself. Mun & Muse are over 18. I make no profit from this journal, I only plan on having fun with it!))
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